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Who will be exhibiting?

You are a stakeholder in the wine industry: equipment manufacturer, reseller, services company... You offer equipment, machinery, services, advice or technology monitoring to all professionals in the trade show’s catchment area: Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône, Bugey, Savoy, Jura and Auvergne.

Most of them do not have the time and/or opportunity to travel across the country to attend a trade show with several thousand exhibitors over several days, owing to the strain this would put on business (e.g. cost, prolonged absence, transport, etc.). By exhibiting in their area, you give them the chance to come to Mâcon for the trade show and be back by the end of the day.

This concept – already tried and tested for more than 12 years by SEPEM Industries’ event organiser (7 regional shows in France) – has demonstrated the value and effectiveness of an ‘on-your-doorstep event’ for participants in the area.

Tailored communication and optimisation of professionals’ attendance
To ensure the show is a great success, several concrete actions can be taken in collaboration with major industry stakeholders.

An exclusively nominal database of about 11,500 wine growers, négociant companies and cooperatives is being developed by our file team (5 full-time employees), using the same process as for the other trade shows (SEPEM Industries, VRAC TECH, PHARMACOSMETECH).

Communication, media-buying and emailing campaigns will be carried out in the main industry publications, both print and web, as well as on our own database.

Exhibiting businesses will be entitled to as many free invitations as they wish, and they will also get free access to software allowing them to send e-invitations. Entry to the event will be completely free for all industry professionals, as will parking...


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